No reason

Willow: Please keep Daddy going for me Porter, I might not be there for him anymore, but I know you can help him continue his special mission in both life and his riding.

Porter: I’ll do my best Willow, but just remember, he has got his amazing girlfriend Emily and all the best friends anyone could ask for to help him too. He is still missing you lots, but your daddy is doing his best to show me what you taught him over the years. However as long as he helps me finds my path I think we will both be just fine even if is hard work.

007.5: Don’t worry Willow, I will do my best to share the experiences you gave me, and the confidence to show the world that I am not afraid of who I am. Thank you for giving me the life I have now and who and what I’ve got around me, and I promise to keep going. Anyway Porter don’t think I’d let you go on that easy, doing well involves a lot of hard work?

Porter: Oh no I didn’t mean it like that Jimbo, it’s just you don’t have a reason to…

007.5: Do I need a reason to help my friends and those I care about?

Willow & Porter: Thank you Jimbo

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