Promising progress for Porter

Porter is so far making a promising progress in his riding, and the same in his lunging. He is struggling to understand which leg he needs to be on when he is in canter, however the past couple of rides on him he is starting to understand where his legs go and has struggled less than usual, whenever he gets it right he gets praised well and we leave it on a good note, he is only 7 years old. We do have occasional down moments but I learnt that not every ride is successful and I’ve got to remember that he is not Willow and he is young, and patience is very much needed. Everyone has been saying that he is looking more happier when he has one person to look after and ride him.

I am doing my best to help him, and I feel like I’m becoming a better rider everyday, and I am determined to keep up the hard work on Porter, after he needs help with his legs and balance, and all I’m saying is … Let’s do this Porter, for Willow.

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