Project: Let’s do this (Thank you for helping me keep going Porter)

This week whilst I was at the yard, I was very photogenic. This week had made me realize that I was lucky to have Porter on loan. If it weren’t for him I wouldn’t still be on the saddle, I would of felt sorry for myself. Porter has taught me not to give up on something I love and dream, he also taught me over the past 4 months that patience is the main key when it comes to riding, and it was nice to start with a new blank canvas shall we say.

During the last 4 months without Willow it hasn’t been easy but I am determined not to stop and keep going, I am not that kind of person, and over this time I really have grown fond of Porter, sure he can be a mucky boy and he can be argumentive, but that’s only because he is learning about me as much as I am learning about him.

The reason I have temporarily given him a show name during me loaning him- Project: Let’s do this, is so that he has a title of what’s going on between us, he is my project and I also like saying let’s do this alot, brings me motivation in our work together. I can’t wait to see what adventures awaits us.

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