Project: Let’s do this is a Success

Over the past few weeks I had been practicing my dressage test for the RDA East Region qualifying for the Nationals, and then made a video entry. This was my first show with Porter, and it was time to see what we can do, it was quite exciting but also nerve racking.

I had my results back when I was away on Holiday, but I was expecting it anytime soon then. When I saw the email I was literally bouncing up and down like a jack rabbit. Me and Porter had scored 67.75% in our test as well as qualified for the National Championship, which was very good, I wasn’t expecting a high score. 8 months of hard work retraining Porter had paid off, and also very proud of him. Not only did we qualify we also won 1st place in my level/class, on our first show, as only found out a few days ago.

I feel very proud and happy, it felt like I have done something for the RDA Fenland group myself and everyone at Langtoft Stables, and I also found where I stand (or more like sit) on the Dressage saddle tall and proud.

Would like to thank –

Everyone at Langtoft Stables
Everyone at RDA Fenland group
Emily, Mum, family and friends

For all the help and support throughout it all I don’t think I could be the man I am today without you guys.

Will promise to keep going and spread awareness on Autism.

007.5 is back, with Project: Let’s do this (Porter)

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