Proud of Porter’s success this year

Throughout the journey I had with Porter so far, has definitely been the biggest achievement I had done. From a horse who didn’t know where his own legs and hoofs were, has become a horse that had took part in a virtual nationals show.

Absolutely speechless on not just Porter’s success, but me, and Amy Sterma (My instructor) success as well.

I didn’t quit when Willow was gone, I kept going and soldiered on. I do miss Willow and I accept it but she is never forgotten, anyway she has taught me to be the rider I am today and I have continued it on with Porter.

I am proud of who I am today and who I have by my side.

May there be more Dressage shows to come in the future, and that I can’t wait to keep going. I will not let anything stand in my way. The autistic way

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